Rozanne Sher

Third Party ParentingLas Vegas, NV

Rozanne grew up in a household where her father was one of the leading international physicians in the field. After college, at the young age of 21, Rozanne started working with him to develop the in-house Third-Party Parenting programs for his clinics throughout the country. Over the years, she branched off and expanded her company beyond the boundaries of his institutions.

In 2001, Rozanne was one of the first to develop a line of children’s books written to provide answers to the complex question “where did I come from?” when Assisted Reproductive Technologies (A.R.T.) are used.

Having suffered through her own battle with infertility, Rozanne is very sensitive to the emotional turmoil her clients go through.  She is dedicated to creating a world where Third Party Parenting is not a taboo subject within society.  She believes that those children who have come into the world through such measures should realize how loved and wanted they are.

Rozanne is a co-creator of “The IVF Talks” and is committed to assisting others glean knowledge, motivation and hope with regards to IVF.